Quote of the Day
(or until further notice)

"Your opinion isn't right, and that's a fact."

- PJ Shaw


You Made It

How very competent of you. I’m PJ, and I don’t actually know what I’m doing. I know a lot of big words that may sound daunting, but I don’t really know what the majority of them mean. If you think that under the surface of what you’re reading this very moment lies hundreds of lines of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS that I had the knowledge to write myself, you are sorely mistaken. I just know how to drag and drop text boxes and am not financially responsible enough to recognize what a waste of money this website is. You may see the beautiful parallax scrolling that I went out of my way to enable and think to yourself, “Wow. This kid really has his life together.” Well I don’t, but I hope that I have successfully led you to believe just that.

Update: As of May, 2020, I have revised my finances and thought it would be best to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. What you're seeing now is, in fact, hundreds of lines of said languages that I have taught myself as an alternative to Squarespace.

Update: I have also not yet figured out how to enable parallax scrolling, so I will be using "background-attaachment: fixed;" in the meantime.